Building Use Policy

The Libraries' mission is to provide the Barry community with a pleasant environment conducive to study, research and the continuity of the educational process. It is important that there are procedures and policies in place to protect the health and safety of library users and preserve materials, equipment, and facilities. Dedicated areas of the libraries have additional policies that apply to that area. The following policies will apply in all public areas of the buildings.

Identification Requirement

ID is required for admission. Library visitors must present valid Barry University photo ID card, current SEFLIN card and valid student ID, current Barry University alumni card and photo ID, valid Miami Shores photo ID.

Computer Use

All public-access computers in the library are restricted to currently enrolled Barry university students, staff, and administrators. Note: Alumni, visiting scholars, and people who are on-campus attending a Barry sanctioned conference or event may apply for a temporary onetime seven-day password from tech support in Garner Building.

Children and Minors (Under 18 Years of Age)

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Parents or caregivers who bring children into the facility are responsible for monitoring their activities and regulating their behavior. Children will not be allowed access to computers without adult supervision. Disruption of patrons by children or minors is prohibited.

Food and Drink

Patrons are prohibited from eating food inside the building. Only drinks in spill-proof containers, defined as sports bottles or travel mugs with screw on or other hard plastic caps to prevent spills when accidentally dropped, are permitted. The following disposable drink containers are not permitted in the building:

  • Plastic, cardboard or Styrofoam cups*
  • Canned soft drinks
  • Juice boxes

Hot and cold cups from fast-food restaurants or vending machines are NOT considered spill-proof containers even with the tops on them.


Disruption to the study and research of patrons or the interruption of their education process is prohibited: Examples are listed below. (This is not an inclusive list.)

  • Creating excessive noise
  • Harassment of others
  • Behavior that disturbs users or staff and interferes with use of the facility

Destroying or Damaging Materials, Equipment, Software, or Facilities

The following are examples of actions that are prohibited. (This is not a comprehensive list.)

  • The destruction, mutilation or defacement of any materials
  • The damaging of hardware or equipment
  • Misuse of furniture or the facility
  • The intentional introduction of viruses into any system
  • Tampering with software or changing equipment settings

Smoking and Tobacco Use

Smoking or other use of tobacco is prohibited within the facility and a minimum of 25 feet outside of the Library entrances.


No animals are allowed in the facilities other than those assisting persons with disabilities.

Radios, CD Players, Cell Phones, and Other Equipment

The use of any equipment that disrupts patrons is prohibited. Beepers and cellular phones must be placed on vibrating mode or turned off. The use of cellular phones in public areas of the library is prohibited. Stairwells and study rooms can be used to conduct phone conversations. The use of video cameras requires the permission of the library administration.

Library Staff Equipment

The use of library staff equipment by patrons is prohibited.

Skateboards, Skates, and Bicycles

Skateboarding, roller or inline skating and cycling are prohibited within the building. Bicycles must be parked in designated outside areas.

Loitering, Soiliciting, and Advertising

Loitering and soliciting for donations or accosting patrons or staff for any purpose that disrupts their use of the facility is prohibited. Non-Barry University advertising materials may not be displayed or distributed without permission from the Library Administration. No materials may be affixed to library interior or exterior walls, doors, or windows without permission from the Library Administrative Office.

Persons who are unwilling to abide by this policy will be asked to leave the facility. Those refusing to do so will be subject to removal by Public Safety. Students could be liable for disciplinary action as established by Barry University.

Policy updated April 4, 2012