Course Reserves Policy

General Information

  • Course Reserves provides access to course materials assigned by instructors.
  • Items in Course Reserves can only be used in the library.
  • Course Reserves is located on the library’s second floor, room LIB 217.
  • To check out items in Course Reserves, students must present a valid Barry ID card.

Submitting Materials

Instructors may place library owned materials as well as personal copies on Course Reserves. To place items on Course Reserves, instructors must complete a Course Reserves Request Form.

Please allow up to seven (7) days to process materials and make them available for student use. The beginning of each semester is always busy and items may take longer to process. It is strongly suggested that if you want materials to be available for students in the first week of the semester, you should submit items for processing at least three (3) weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.

Items will be processed in the order in which they are received. In general, only one copy of one copyrighted title will be accepted per class.

Unpublished material from students, friends, or colleagues must include a signed statement from the creator of the material that identifies permission has been granted for the material to be placed on reserve. Unpublished material is still protected by copyright law, and copyright clearance is required to put these materials on Course Reserves.

Copyright, Fair Use, and Copyright Clearance

Course Reserves policies and practices are based on the fair use doctrine embodied in U.S.Copyright Law, Title 17, Section 107 of the United States Code.

All materials added to Course Reserves must comply with fair use guidelines. It is the instructors’ responsibility to determine whether the materials they place on Course Reserves meet the criteria for fair use.

The Monsignor William Barry Memorial Library reserves the right to decline requests based on the library’s interpretation of copyright law. If a request is denied, instructors will be contacted by Course Reserves staff.

Responsibility Policy

The decision to place personal items on reserve remains with the faculty member. While the department staff will strive to ensure that materials are handled properly, the Library cannot be held responsible for the abuse, destruction, loss, and/or theft of personal items placed on reserve. Some minor wear on personal items (e.g. cracked spine, torn cover) should be expected as students usually make photocopies from these works. In addition, Course Reserves staff may have to alter materials placed on Course Reserves by adding barcodes for checkout and labels for filing.

Removing Items from Course Reserve

Faculty must indicate on the Reserve Request Form when they want items to be removed from Course Reserves.

At the end of each term, all items will be removed from Course Reserves.

Faculty are encouraged to collect their reserve items or make arrangements to have them collected. Course Reserves Staff will attempt to deliver items, but it may take a while for them to do so as the priority is processing new items for the following semester.

Items not collected will not remain on Course Reserves. They will be stored in the library.

Faculty must re-submit reserve items and forms each semester even if they want to keep items in reserve successive semesters.