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Welcome to the second edition of In Stride.

I am pleased to report that the responses to our first newsletter were overwhelmingly positive and appear to be creating synergy between the School of Podiatric Medicine and its alumni. As we begin to move out of the darkness of the pandemic, I want to thank our students and faculty for their diligence in successfully adapting to the virtual platform. As we transition to ‘in person’ classes this fall, it remains clear that education will never be the same. With certainty, a hybrid model coupled with artificial intelligence will create a paradigm shift in the way we interact with students and should have a positive impact in fostering a more robust educational experience.

The School of Podiatric Medicine remains strong and vibrant. We have filled our class of 2025 and are exploring options to expand enrollment. Our graduating seniors achieved 100% residency placement on the first match. Our robust Research and Radiology programs are among the best in the nation and our Sports Medicine Fellowship, the only one of its kind recognized by the Council of Podiatric Medical Education, has recently been reaccredited.

Be proud of your school. It is a ‘jewel in the crown’ of podiatric medical education and is preparing our students for medicine in the 21st century.

I wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer.



Robert J. Snyder, DPM, MSc, MBA, CWSP, FFPM RCPS (Glasgow)
School of Podiatric Medicine

Taking a Leap foward

Barry University Names Dr. Robert Snyder New Dean of Podiatric Medicine

Barry University’s School of Podiatric Medicine is proud to welcome Dr. Robert Snyder as our new Dean. An established authority in the field of podiatric medicine, he has served as Interim Dean since the beginning of the year. Dr. Snyder is a renowned expert in clinical research, wound management, and limb preservation and a longtime professor and Director of Clinical Research at Barry.

He is honored to take on this role permanently and says of his appointment, “I am committed to continuing Barry’s tradition of excellence in training skilled and compassionate physicians and conducting groundbreaking research.” We’re fortunate to have him as our new Dean.

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Meet Dr. Stelnicki: A role model for philanthropy

Dr. James Stelnicki and lovely wife Gloria

My relationship with Barry University

I feel like I have been a lucky person all my life.  My association with Barry University certainly falls within that category. 

I recently retired from practice after more than 50 years. Some of my accomplishments are:  I was the first podiatrist in Florida to have a two-year surgical residency, I am a past president of the FPMA, past board member of the board of examiners, was board certified in surgery and general practice, was one of the original founders of DPM insurance company, and then, became a board member of PICA,  and was also a Florida boxing commissioner. 

My association with Barry University started when the then president, Sister Jean, called me to ask my opinion about Barry University starting a college of podiatric medicine. I was president of the FPMA at the time.  A small group of us worked with Sister Jean to set up what is now the Barry University College of Podiatric Medicine.  For several years, we had a small group on an advisory board of the podiatry college. 

I made several trips to the Yucatan project, one of which was with my son, Dr. Eric Stelnicki, who is a world-class plastic surgeon. The Yucatan project continues to be one of the shining stars in all of podiatry.

 Dean Chet Evans and I had several conversations about the need for more research in podiatric medicine.  This led to the establishment of the Stelnicki Family Scholarship Fund, which is awarded to a student who does research and publishes a paper on lower extremity vascular problems. 

Sometime later, I was asked to be on the Board of Trustees of the university.  My years on the board of trustees were informative and enjoyable.  I can assure everyone at the university that all the trustees are smart, caring, and love the university.   The executive committee and the board of trustees are proud of what has become the College of Podiatric Medicine.  The core leadership at Barry Podiatry is brilliant and loyal, and I am happy to say that I have known most of them for years.  I retired from the board of trustees a year after I retired from practice. 

Our goal in podiatry at Barry University at the beginning was to produce the best podiatric graduates in the country.  I feel very lucky to have been a part of this, and there will always be a place in my heart for the Barry University College of Podiatric Medicine.

Essential Tips from our Alumni

Timothy M. Graham, DPM

The breadth of mentorship available during his education at Barry University is what Dr. Graham attributes to his professional successes. “When a student is surrounded by a diverse faculty with various backgrounds and professional experiences, it sets a student-doctor up for success. The student/mentor relationships available at Barry allow a Physician in training to visualize their future in Podiatric Medicine on a spectrum of opportunity and learn from firsthand experience.”

“Personally, I benefited from my exposure to the clinical research studies ongoing during my time as a student at Barry. The clinical research projects brought to our University by Dr. Robert Snyder provided me with a hands-on introduction to the processes of getting healthcare products to market in a safe and efficacious way. The importance of evidence-based medicine was a consistent take-home message whenever working with Dr. Snyder in the clinic setting.”

After graduating from Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine in 2014, Dr. Graham then completed surgical residency training at Jackson North Medical Center in Miami, FL, directly followed by a one-year fellowship in Podiatric Dermatology at St. Luke’s University Health Network in Bethlehem, PA.

Dr. Graham currently serves as the Physician Executive Director of the Surgical Division at Marietta Memorial Health System. In this role, Dr. Graham is responsible for the oversight and management of dozens of employed surgical specialists, MD/DO/DPM alike. Roughly 50% of his workweek is spent practicing clinically, in all facets of Foot and Ankle surgery.

“I can’t only credit Barry for providing the bedrock of my professional life, but also lifelong personal ties were made during my time as a student. Some of the best friendships I maintain to this day stem from my time living in Miami while at Barry University. I met the love of my life while walking the hallways of the University. Gladys, my wife, was studying business as an undergraduate while I was attending the School of Podiatric Medicine;she too is a Barry proud graduate.”

“If I were to give advice to an incoming Podiatry student, it would be simple…get involved, join a club, volunteer, find a faculty mentor, study hard, and don’t forget to have a little fun!”

Podiatric Medicine from the Perspective of Luis A. Rodríguez Anaya, DPM

Luis A. Rodríguez Anaya, DPM

I was first introduced to podiatric medicine back in 2005 after finishing my undergraduate career and having an interest in pursuing a doctoral degree in medicine. I had no idea what this profession entailed and started working with a podiatrist in my hometown of San German in Puerto Rico to try to get more knowledge about medicine. Little did I know that my life was about to change. I started working as a staff member and then took the role of assistant to the podiatrist. It was there where I met a 65-year-old woman with a wound on her leg that at that time was older than me. This patient had this wound for 30 years when she first came to visit the podiatrist. I worked with Dr. Efrain Castro, DPM, who graduated from the 1993 Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine class. After seeing Dr. Castro treating and getting this patient to heal this wound, I was utterly amazed by how extraordinary the human body is. With the proper care and help, our bodies can do amazing things. The interaction with this patient and many others convinced me to become a Doctor in Podiatric Medicine.

At Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine, I started as a teaching assistant in the anatomy laboratory. Education has always been part of my life and practice. In a way, once I started, I've never stopped being an educator in the medical field.

I used to be a Math and Science Teacher before starting Podiatry School back in Puerto Rico. Education is something that I love and, in my opinion, is an innate part of our profession. What are we doing if not educating our patients to alleviate a symptom and give them the knowledge and tools to prevent medical problems in the future.

Dr. Luis A. Rodríguez Anaya received his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine at Barry University in 2011. He completed his residency at Mercy Hospital in Miami, FL, and in 2014, he completed a fellowship in Sports Medicine through Mercy Hospital and Barry University. He has worked at Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine in many roles, including Interim Clinical Education Director, Adjunct Professor, and a Guest Lecturer with reviews in lower extremity anatomy and clinical podiatric knowledge. In 2015, he became an Assistant Professor at Barry, focusing on surgical principles, operating room protocol, and biomechanics. Dr. Rodríguez Anaya is the podiatrist for Barry University’s athletic teams, NCAA Division II Sports.

Our Program Beyond Barry

Donovan Perry

During my search for a podiatric medical program, I made a list of what I was looking for in a school. I wanted to attend an institution that was academically challenging and innovative, and a program rooted in the idea that there’s more to being a physician than simply passing exams. Barry School of Podiatric Medicine checked all of those boxes. During my interview process, it was evident that personality, character, and emotional intelligence were fundamental components of every great physician highlighted by the program. As such, they sought out top candidates that were driven, unique, and understood what it meant to be a physician. I am grateful to be one of those candidates.

The program’s dedicated faculty members like Dr. Daniel Cawley provided clear instruction while encouraging us to challenge ourselves to master anatomy. His enthusiasm and dedication toward our success have created a strong foundation that continues to pay dividends. Under the tutelage of giants in our profession like Dr. Cuffy, Dr. Losito, and Dr. Snyder we are constantly reminded that our potential is limitless.

As the President of the Florida Podiatric Medical Student Association, I serve our profession by advocating for programs and practices that cultivate success for current and future students. Holding this leadership position has prepared me to be a leader in our profession and community. This role has taught me how to navigate challenging obstacles, value diversity, and assemble a team to achieve a common objective.

Attending BUSPM has allowed me to combine my passion for serving the community with my love for medicine. We must spread the knowledge that we have learned with the immediate and global community that we serve. BUSPM not only taught us medicine but also how to explain it to our patients of different socioeconomic backgrounds. The hands-on experience allows students to develop advanced skills early in their academic career. Now in the clinical setting, we have the dexterity and knowledge base to perform challenging procedures with little difficulty. Attending this institution has enabled me as well as my colleagues, to fulfill our commitment to our community while refining our clinical skill set. Thank you to BUSPM for all of the support and encouragement throughout the years.

Barry Podiatric Medicine Class of 2021

Our graduating seniors achieved 100% residency placement on the first match, and our Board scores are above the national average.


Barry Podiatric Medicine alumnus presents research at ACFAS conference

Barry University alumnus Edgar Sy presented his poster “CT Scan Necessary for Ankle Fracture Surgical Management and Post-Operative Care” at the annual American Colleges of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) Conference May 2021 in Las Vegas. Sy graduated with a degree in Podiatric Medicine from Barry in 2019 and is a second-year Podiatric Resident and Chief Resident of the Podiatry Department at Jackson North Medical Center in Miami, Florida. His co-author is his mentor, Barry Professor and Residency Director Jacqueline Brill, DPM. The ACFAS annual conference typically draws the most attendance in all national foot and ankle conferences.

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Inaugural Podiatry Skills Workshop Draws Students of All Levels

This spring, fourth-year Podiatry student Carina Alexis, secretary of the Forensic Podiatry Club, teamed up with fellow student doctors, faculty members, BUSPM alumni, and podiatrists from area hospitals to present the first-ever Forensic Podiatry Club and Podiatry Skills Club Workshop. The one-day event featured six skills stations offering third-year students the chance to train first and second years alongside veteran practitioners. Roughly 25 students participated, sparking program-wide interest in growing the workshop into an annual event.

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