Core Courses (15 Credits)

ADL 705 Theories Of Leadership

Describes theories of leadership, studies the relationship between leadership style and organizational change, and examines the implementation process of a leader's vision.

ADL 745 Organizational Change

Explores organizational theories and development from a leadership perspective with a focus on change within organizations, groups, and individuals.

ADL 719 Organizational Learning

Studies psychological and organizational paradigms associated with learning of a collective whole. Examines the implications and challenges for learning brought about by the changing nature of work and global competition. Focuses on processes and procedures for achieving organizational learning through information distribution and interpretation, making meaning and organizational memory.

ADL XXX Transformational Learning And Community Engagement

ADL XXX Leadership For Social Justice And Equity

Inquiry Courses (15 Credit Hours)

EDU 777 Inquiry I: Identifying, Framing, And Investigating Problems Of Practice

Practitioner Inquiry I is the initial course of five courses in the inquiry sequence that introduces students to Problems of Practice through a variety of educational research and evaluation perspectives, approaches, and methods. This course provides a foundation for further participatory action research (PAR) and return on investment evaluation.

EDU 799 Inquiry II: Foundations Of Social Inquiry Process

This course serves as part of students' introduction to the practitioner inquiry framework with a focus on research paradigms and specific theories, vis-à-vis gaining an understanding of applied research within the context of educational institutions and/or organizations.

EDU 711 Inquiry III: Performance Analysis And Improvement

Analyzes performance issues and examines techniques and methods for improving performance.

EDU 781 Inquiry IV: Practiced-Based Qualitative Methods

This course provides a critical analysis of qualitative methods of inquiry for the human sciences to facilitate the understanding of the aims, processes and outcomes of these methods.

EDU 783 Inquiry V: Practiced Based Quantitative Methods

This course will help students utilize inquiry practice to determine what quantitative tools and theories can be used to develop solutions to problems of practice. Students will use and apply quantitative research and assessment data to make inferences, judgments and predictions about educational or human resource development outcomes and change. Prerequisites: EDU 7XX Inquiry I, EDU 7XX Inquiry II, EDU 7XX Inquiry III, EDU 781 Inquiry IV.

Dissertation Seminar In Practice (6 Credits Minimum)

HRD 794 / HED 796 Dissertation In Practice Seminar I

This is the first of two capstone courses that together will provide a field-based action learning opportunity to analyze problems of practice using multiple frames to develop meaningful solutions. Similar to the dissertation, the Capstone Project should be a demonstration of the student's ability to perform disciplined inquiry in accordance with traditional standards for doctoral performance.

HRD 795 / HED 797 Dissertation In Practice Seminar II

This is the second of two capstone courses that together will provide a field-based action learning opportunity to analyze problems of practice using multiple frames to develop meaningful solutions. Similar to the dissertation, the Capstone Project should be a demonstration of the student's ability to perform disciplined inquiry and in accordance with traditional standards for doctoral performance.

HRD 800 Continuous Matriculation

Enrollment is required each fall and spring semester after the completion of Dissertation in Practice Seminars I and II project is successfully defended. Prerequisite: ADL 799, HED 796 and HED 797 (HED specialization), HRD 794 and HRD 795 (HRD specailiza5ion). CR/NC only.

HED Specialization Courses (15 Credits)

HED 726 Governance Of Higher Education

Analysis of colleges and universities as social organizations with special emphasis on issues of administration, organization, and leadership in higher education.

HED 730 Higher Education And The Law

Analyzes the legal structure of higher education including religion, academic freedom, employment, due process, student's rights, desegregation, tort liability, and other current issues.

HED XXX Internationalization And Entrepreneurship In Higher Education

HED 745 Seminar In Higher Education

Provides students the opportunity to pursue an integrative experience, under the direction of an instructor, an area of interest in higher education administration leadership. Students will share findings in a seminar setting.

HED 722 Participatory Action Research

Participatory Action Research (PAR) is one of several traditions within the context of Action Research. PAR is an approach or orientation that calls for stakeholders/researchers within, or outside an educational institution, or organization, to focus on a specific problem of practice and identify possible interventions through ongoing collaboration, while underscoring their positionality in the setting. As such, the goal of PAR is to assume an inquiry stance that is systematic and cyclical toward continuous improvement.

HRD Specialization Courses (15 Credits)

HRD 644 HRD Theory And Practice

Examines the theory, processes, skills, and understanding related to human resources development. Concepts of the leadership role are analyzed and applied.

ADL 717 Team Building For Leaders

Uses team building, group dynamics, and interpersonal sensitivity to motivate and inspire individuals and groups to work toward common goals.

HRD 699 Consultant Practices In HRD

Focuses on the fundamentals and best practices of the organizational consulting process and design and implementation of an effective performance consulting project. An emphasis is placed on the relationship-building and interpersonal skills required fora successful consulting engagement.

HRD 745 Seminar In HRD

Examines current research issues, theories and models in HRD and implications for practitioners. Students will lead discussions and present papers on topics of their primary interest. Prerequisites: HRD 711, HRD 719, HRD 728.

HRD 728 Program Evaluation In HRD

Examines the principles, practices and research of training program evaluations. Prepares students to design and conduct evaluation of HRD interventions.

Elective Courses (3 Credits)

Students may take one of the following courses at the discretion of the program director or the assigned academic advisor

ADL 739 Ethical Issues In Leadership

This course provides ethical frameworks and components in leadership experiences in both education systems and public service organizations. It provides opportunities to interpret, apply, and evaluate theoretical frameworks, resources for choices, and impacts of decisions.

EDU 750 – Literature Review” Leadership Exploration And Expression…

This course will assist students in developing a framework for acceptable academic writing. As such, students will be engaged in evaluating journal articles; developing a topical outline in relation to their topic of interest and/or research question; and writing a literature review in preparation for dissertation work and/or specific publications.

ADL 730 – Sociology Of Education

ADL 713 Program Planning

Provides opportunities to apply a systemic planning process, examine approaches to policy development and program implementation, and analyze evaluation procedures.