The Organizational Leadership program faculty is strongly committed to the integration of theory, research, policy, and practice throughout the program. The interdisciplinary core will expose you to multiple perspectives on leadership, learning, and change within the context of improvement science, across educational institutions and/or organizations.

The specializations of the Organizational Leadership program include Higher Education Administration and Human Resource Development. The faculty will mentor you in your professional development and scholarship, which are critical for positions in higher education and the corporate sector. Students within each of the specializations receive thorough grounding in addressing problems of practice through systemic inquiry processes, vis-à-vis governance models and organizational learning.

Higher Education Administration

The EdD in Organizational Leadership with a specialization in Higher Education Administration is designed to prepare individuals to assume leadership positions in post-secondary institutions, specifically community colleges, private colleges, for-profit institutions, and universities as well as government agencies or organizations that are closely related to the post-secondary education terrain. Within this context, individuals pursuing this specialization will assume the role of a scholar-practitioner and identify the need for change across their respective institutions, through the implementation of action research, with regard to a commitment to social justice. Graduates of this specialization will be prepared to advance the field of higher education from a myriad of perspectives, while being cognizant of internationalization forces and an entrepreneurial-driven economy.

Human Resource Development

The EdD in Organizational Leadership with a specialization in Human Resource Development focuses on key competencies for improving individual, group, and organizational performance. This program is designed for students to lead and manage change in organizations and develop people in the workplace. This Practitioner EdD develops your competitive advantage as a vision-driven HRD leader, independent consultant, OD professional, Chief Learning Office, or Human Service Professional.