Student Financial Aid

Aida Claro M.S., Director
Kelley House
Telephone: 305-899-3673
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Financial assistance is offered to eligible students to help them defray part of their educational expenses. Amounts of awards vary and depend upon the student’s demonstrated financial need, academic achievement, and the amount of funds available for distribution. The financial aid award is generally a combination of federal, state and institutional grants, loans, and employment. Scholarship funds are awarded to incoming students. Students are urged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive full financial aid consideration. Florida residents may qualify for the Effective Access to Student Education Grant (EASE). This grant is given to undergraduate students based on their or their parents’ legal residency in the State of Florida, among other criteria. It is not a need-based grant.

More information on student financial aid programs can be obtained through the Office of Financial Aid. Financial Aid Counselors are available during regular business hours, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.  We recommend appointments for extended consultations.

Students must be aware of the following requirements for receiving financial aid:

  1. Standards of Academic Progress
    Academic progress is reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid at the end of every semester.  The first semester a student does not meet the federal definition of academic progress, s/he receives a warning and is given one more semester to recover.  If they do not meet the standard of academic progress the second semester financial aid is cancelled for future semesters.  There is an appeal process available.
    1. Minimum Federal definition of academic progress
      • Qualitative component:
        • Undergraduate students:  If attempting full-time enrollment, must complete at least 12 credits per semester.  Cumulative GPA must be at least 2.0. 
        • Graduate and Doctoral student:  Cumulative GPA must be at least 3.0. 
      • Pace Component
        • All students (undergraduate, graduate and, doctoral) must complete their program within a maximum timeframe and complete a minimum percentage of attempted credit hours.
        • Maximum Timeframe:  Student cannot exceed 150% of the published academic program length.  Example:  Standard undergraduate degree consists of 120 credits.  120 x 150% = 180 credits.  Once a student reaches 180 completed credits they cannot receive any further Federal funding for that degree.
        • Completion Percentage:  Students must complete 67% of all credit hours attempted.
    2. Federal financial aid is available only for credits that count toward the student’s degree.  The guiding principle is that Federal aid cannot be paid toward credits that do not move the student closer toward their degree.  Credits must be verifiable as part of the degree requirements.  If not, then these credits must be ignored by the Financial Aid Office.  This can impact a student’s enrollment status for financial aid purposes 

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