First Year Experience And New Student Programs

Paula Dias, Ed.D., Director, Mission, Leadership, and Inclusion

Thompson Hall 115

The first year of college is critical to the long-term success of students; the difference between a successful first year and an unsuccessful one can be as simple as getting help with a class or roommate. In an effort to assist new students in navigating the ins and outs of their first semester, Barry offers Orientation and First Year Experience programs. These programs are designed to introduce first-year undergraduates to life at Barry and support each student’s transition into university life. 

New Student Orientation offers an overall introduction to Barry University, inclusive of academic, cultural, spiritual, and social information and events. Undergraduate student leaders assist with Orientation programs and activities, allowing for a give-and-take pattern of learning and establishing new relationships among new students and their peers. Finally, New Student Orientation offers an important opportunity for students and their families to meet faculty and staff and to learn firsthand about the philosophy of education that will guide students’ studies at Barry University.

The Orientation course below assists new freshmen to explore the components of a liberal arts education and to develop skills and competencies for academic and social success.

Course Description

Orientation: Prefix: ORI

100 First-year Experience Seminar (1)

A special one-semester course, open to all freshman students. Goals of the course are to help students adjust to the University, and to develop positive attitudes about themselves and the learning process while learning skills essential for academic and personal success.

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