Student Expectations

As a Catholic, Dominican University, Barry stands for the human dignity and worth of every person.  Members of the campus community must act out of mutual respect to establish an atmosphere of trust.  We believe in values that foster the human respect for people to live, work, study and recreate together as a community.   Enrollment in Barry University presumes an obligation on the part of the student to act at all times in a manner compatible with the University's purpose, processes and functions. Students are expected to uphold standards of personal and academic integrity and behavior. Further, students are expected to respect the rights and privileges of all members of the Barry University community.  If the behavior or conduct of a student infringes on other members of the community or negatively impacts the institution, Barry University reserves the right to address the behavior through the student conduct process outlined in this publication.

The University, through the Division of Mission and Student Engagement, has established the Student Code of Conduct. Each student is required to abide by this code. The Student Code of Conduct is designed to assist in building an integrated, vibrant community that fosters the personal development of every Barry University student. 

Respect for Oneself

The University values all of its students and is deeply concerned with their total development. Therefore it is appropriate to set expectations for personal integrity. These expectations encourage students to appreciate their own talents, take themselves and their academic pursuits seriously and enhance the quality of their lives. The University will routinely respond to students engaging in self-destructive behaviors—behaviors which might impede individuals' abilities to enjoy the privileges of education and to fulfill their obligations as an educational leader.

Respect for Others

One value of learning lies in understanding what knowledge can contribute to the community. It is expected that students will be open to learning, including learning about and respecting persons and cultures different from their own. Members of the campus community must act out of mutual respect to establish an atmosphere of trust. Therefore, Barry University expects its members to treat one another with sensitivity, consideration, understanding, tolerance and an active concern for the welfare of others. The University is particularly concerned that its members show respect for others regardless of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, familial status, marital status, pregnancy, age, disability status, or veteran status. All forms of harassing or offensive behaviors must be avoided.  Bias related incidents will receive the most severe sanctions deemed appropriate to the incident, up to and including expulsion from the University.

Respect for Property

The University expects the responsible use of all property, including such tangible goods as buildings, library materials, equipment and green space. Respect for property also involves helping to foster a well-maintained environment, a sense of security, tranquility and accomplishment. This principle requires students to respect both personal and institutional property, both inside and outside the University community.

Respect for Authority

Authority derives legitimacy from the commitment to act on behalf of the common good. At Barry University that authority resides in the officers of the University, its faculty, administration and staff – each of whom has been charged with responsibilities essential to the orderly operation of the University. These individuals serve as leaders and model by example the University's expectation for all its members. In this respect, they help to define the atmosphere which supports and fosters the University's common mission. 

Personal Integrity

Barry University's mission reflects a commitment to the development of the whole person.  Especially appropriate in a University community are the virtues of truthfulness, honesty and personal honor. The University expects students to live by policies of the University community and to follow local, state and federal laws. As a Catholic, Dominican University, Barry expects all students to demonstrate the personal characteristics of honesty and integrity in all aspects of their campus life, both inside and outside the classroom.  Students are expected to realize values of mutual care and responsibility in their personal relationships. 

Conduct Expectations

Barry University students enroll voluntarily in a private, Catholic, educational institution. Students who find their personal values incompatible with those of the University's, and/or are unable to respect the University's values, may wish to pursue their education at an institution which is more in line with their own personal values. Likewise, the University may ask students whose behavior is incompatible with the mission of, and principles held by, the University to leave the institution.

Students are expected to act responsibly and to avoid conduct detrimental in its effect upon themselves, their fellow students and the University, both on-and-off-campus. Students are expected to know and abide by all University rules, regulations, policies and standards, and by local, state and federal laws. Students are expected to uphold both the mission of the University and the Student Code of Conduct in action and deed while they attend Barry University. Ignorance of University rules and regulations will not be considered as an excuse for violations.

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