Net Price Calculator

Welcome! We’re glad you’re exploring how to plan and pay for your college education at Barry University.

The Net Price Calculator helps you get a personalized estimate of your “net price” as an undergraduate student. Net price is the difference between the full cost of attendance to Barry (including tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and meals, and other related expenses) minus any estimated grants and scholarships for which you may be eligible.

Estimate Cost

The estimate provided using this calculator does not represent a final determination, or actual award, of financial assistance or a final net price. Cost of attendance and financial aid availability usually change each year.


Our calculator assumes that you will complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the March 30 priority date in order to be eligible for, and receive, an actual financial aid award that includes federal grant, loan, or work-study assistance. Your best chances to obtain the most financial aid eligibility are by meeting this deadline. For more information or to apply for federal student aid, visit

Federal Direct Stafford Loans

Barry’s net price calculator includes Federal Direct Stafford Loans into its financial aid calculations, if you wish to pursue the loan option. This is not “free money.” Loans must be repaid.

Please note: It is not necessary to enter personal identifying information while using Barry University’s Net Price Calculator. Any information that you choose to provide on this site is confidential.